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The k-core of a graph is the largest subgraph in which every vertex is connected to at least k other vertices within the subgraph. Core decomposition finds the k-core of the graph for every possible k. Past studies have shown important applications of core decomposition such as in the study of the properties of large networks (e.g., sustainability,(More)
Big data analytics often requires processing complex queries using massive parallelism, where the main performance metrics is the communication cost incurred during data reshuffling. In this paper, we describe a system that can compute efficiently complex join queries, including queries with cyclic joins, on a massively parallel architecture. We build on(More)
<i>Triangle listing</i> is one of the fundamental algorithmic problems whose solution has numerous applications especially in the analysis of complex networks, such as the computation of clustering coefficients, transitivity, triangular connectivity, trusses, etc. Existing algorithms for triangle listing are mainly in-memory algorithms, whose performance(More)
In this demonstration, we will showcase Myria, our novel cloud service for big data management and analytics designed to improve productivity. Myria's goal is for users to simply upload their data and for the system to help them be self-sufficient data science experts on their data -- self-serve analytics. Using a web browser, Myria users can upload data,(More)
We propose a novel disk-based index for processing single-source shortest path or distance queries. The index is useful in a wide range of important applications (e.g., network analysis, routing planning, etc.). Our index is a tree-structured index constructed based on the concept of vertex cover. We propose an I/O-efficient algorithm to construct the index(More)
<i>Maximal clique enumeration (MCE)</i> is a long-standing problem in graph theory and has numerous important applications. Though extensively studied, most existing algorithms become impractical when the input graph is too large and is disk-resident. We first propose an efficient partition-based algorithm for MCE that addresses the problem of processing(More)
We study the problem of computing shortest path or distance between two query vertices in a graph, which has numerous important applications. Quite a number of indexes have been proposed to answer such distance queries. However, all of these indexes can only process graphs of size barely up to 1 million vertices, which is rather small in view of many of the(More)
Every database system contains a query optimizer that performs query rewrites. Unfortunately, developing query optimizers remains a highly challenging task. Part of the challenges comes from the intricacies and rich features of query languages, which makes reasoning about rewrite rules difficult. In this paper, we propose a machine-checkable denotational(More)