Shuming T. Wang

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This study develops an intelligent wireless indoor positioning system (IPS), which includes new beam antenna design and modified probabilistic neural network based positioning algorithm. The six directional antennas can obtain the angle between an object and the station. Then, a modified probabilistic neural network is applied to estimate the accurate(More)
In the present work, a four-port model for inter-digital transducer was developed. This model was modified from Mason’s equivalent circuit and was ideal for the simulation of balanced mode surface acoustic wave devices. Inheriting the virtues of Mason’s model, this model included the energy storage effect and was capable to fit arbitrary polarity(More)
This paper presents a technique in how to searching the global minimum for the supervised neural network training. This technique is developed based on the idea of nearly equivalent model. To demonstrate the new technique proposed, two signal processing studies, including signal recognition and signal modeling were simulated. For a comparison, the same(More)
In this paper, a transmittance estimator of touch panel decoration film by using neural network is presented. In the evaporation process, the coating material and the related control parameters are all important influencing factors in obtaining the desired transmittance. The relationship among the transmittance and these factors are very complex and(More)
This paper presents the transmittance estimations for touch panel (TP) film with Cr and Cr<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> coating by using neural network (NN) model. The NN model with quasi-Newton learning method was used to obtain the mapping between TP transmittance and its all possible influencing factors. This study tries to develop an artificial intelligent(More)
Abstract—A functional microstrip circuit module for annular slot antenna is proposed. This module consists of an annular microstrip line component, two PIN diodes and a DC bias circuit. Reconfigurable circular polarizations can be simply controlled by this functional module. Axial ratio is adjustable by changing the clip angle of the notch made by the(More)
This paper presents the estimation of the interference of NH<inf>3</inf> on the detection of NO by using neural network (NN) model. The NO Rayleigh surface acoustic wave (RSAW) sensor coated with polyaniline/WO<inf>3</inf> (PANI/WO<inf>3</inf>) nanocomposite was employed as the detection sensor. The data sensed by RSAW sensor was collected and implemented(More)
This paper presents the non-stationary power signal forecasting by using a neural network with modified neurons for PJM data set provided by Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). In this data set, the load information is the sum of power load consumed by three areas, including Allentown, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The historical load and(More)
This paper presents a novel intelligent data mining technique to estimate the optical properties of touch panel (TP) with different layers coating. The neural network (NN) model is developed to be the intelligent tool for the data analyzer. The new computational method based on well-trained NN's weights is used to analyze the influencing factors of TP(More)