Shuming Guo

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In downlink of OVSF CDMA system, such as WCDMA, Orthogonal Variable spreading factor (OVSF) codes are used as channelization codes to distinguish different physical channels in order to support variable bit rate services. So the allocation scheme of OVSF codes affects the utilization of downlink bandwidth and the performance of the whole network In this(More)
A BP-based algorithm with 2-dimensional classified normalized correction is developed to reduce the complexity and improve the performance of decoding algorithm for the low density parity check (LDPC) codes. The algorithm first utilizes classification according to the absolute values of incoming messages in check nodes. Then it uses 2-dimensional(More)
Vulnerability discovery technology becomes more and more important in software development and network security. This paper presents the classification of vulnerability discovery technologies and discusses the advantages, disadvantages and the extent of application of each class. Then we emphasize the procedure and the improvement methods of the Fuzzing(More)
This paper discusses a logic design automation system (LODAS) implemented on APOLLO DOMAIN workstation. LODAS can generate VLSI logic diagram from the hardware description. The system accepts many kinds of input description such as DDL or AHPL language description, functional array (truth table), covering array, Boolean equations or state transition tables.(More)
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