Shumin Feng

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While the bus is generally considered to be a relatively safe means of transportation, the property losses and casualties caused by bus accidents, especially fatal ones, are far from negligible. The reasons for a driver to incur fatalities are different in each case, and it is essential to discover the underlying risk factors of bus fatality severity for(More)
Although bus comfort is a crucial indicator of service quality, existing studies tend to focus on passenger load and ignore in-vehicle time, which can also affect passengers' comfort perception. Therefore, by conducting surveys, this study examines passengers' comfort perception while accounting for both factors. Then, using the survey data, it performs a(More)
This article analyzes and summarizes adaptability of different road networks, combining with road network characteristics and road network layout feature. The factors that influence the selection of road network structural form are proposed and their limitations to the selection of road network structure form are also given. Considering these factors, this(More)
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