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A piece of skeletal muscle was used as a conduit to bridge the gap microsurgically between the two ends of the severed sciatic nerve in 30 rats, and a method for histochemical demonstration of acetylcholinesterase was employed to assess the nerve regeneration process 5 weeks or more after the operation. Regenerating nerve fibers were detected in the muscle(More)
In elucidating the morphologic basis of cervical spondylosis, the nerves accompanying the vertebral artery were studied under an operative microscope and by means of Karnovsky's histochemical method for acetylcholinesterase (AChE). The results show that the nerves arising from the cervical part of the sympathetic trunk and the cervical nerves anastomose(More)
This study describes a model for short-term culture of intact mouse follicles under serum-free conditions. Follicles were either obtained from immature mice receiving no ovarian stimulation (i.e. no eCG-primed protocol, group I) or from mice undergoing ovarian stimulation (i.e. eCG-primed protocol, group II). Follicles were grouped according to size(More)
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