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Cancer is a family of diseases and breast cancer is a single disease. Breast tissues are made up of milk production glands, which called lobules and the ducts, which connect the lobules to the nipple. The remaining part of the breast is composed of with lymphatic, connective and fatty tissues. Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in the world.(More)
Hepatitis has become a global public health issue. Currently, six different types of hepatitis A, B, C, D and G have been identified by medical research. According to WHO, it had been estimated in 2009 that about 180 million people were infected with hepatitis C virus in the world. At present, three to four million people are infecting every year (1) In(More)
Climate change causes new patterns of crops, cultivation and humans and animal disease, and affectation new risks for food security, safety and human health. Effects of climate change may be positive or negative, resulting from the complex interactions of temperature and precipitation (1). World Health Organization (WHO) defines food security as " when all(More)
The article highlights the pioneering efforts towards establishment of a family clinic as a model for provision of primary health care to the community at family level in Libya. Home visits were undertaken by health teams to introduce the clinic and record demographic and sociomedical data. Families were invited to attend the clinic for a complete health(More)
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