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This paper studies system clipboard monitoring technology in the Graphic and Document Information Security Protection System. On the basis of the research of HOOK API, file system filter driver and other key technical which the clipboard monitoring technology involved in the windows environment, this paper studies their implementation technology in the(More)
In view of the information leakage brought by removable storage device, the paper designed and implemented the anti-leak security system based on C \ S architecture. The system taken filter driver technology to provide fine-grained and flexible access control over removable storage devices and file transparent encryption and decryption, and implemented the(More)
The wide usage of USB storage device brings us shortcut and convenience, at the same time it also brings us some potential security hazards which we could never turn around and run. Hence, to strengthen the monitoring of USB storage devices has become an important issue in the research of information security. This paper mainly introduces the WDM driver(More)
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