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Full-length cDNA of Tembusu virus (TMUV) cloned in a plasmid has been found instable in bacterial hosts. Using a PCR-based protocol, we generated a stable full-length cDNA of TMUV. Different cDNA fragments of TMUV were amplified by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR, and cloned into plasmids. Fragmented cDNAs were amplified and assembled by fusion PCR to(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the sleep monitoring feature of the MSMS in elderly patients with OSAHS. METHOD One hundred and ninety patients diagnosed with OSAHS were divided into elderly group and non elderly group according to age, then the results of MSMS were analyzed. RESULT Majority elderly patients were with mild to moderate OSAHS. The nocturnal mean(More)
Different from traditional algorithms, the material modeling method utilizing luma Y in YUV color space has been developed in this paper. Our method, which interactively acquires material appearance from a single image, includes four main steps: removing highlight, recovering normal based on luma Y, estimating diffuse coefficient, setting glossiness and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the therapeutic effect and study the role of nasal mucosa epithelization after endoscopic surgery using the plasma radiofrequency ablation at low temperature in patients with nasal inverted papilloma. METHOD The clinical data of 104 patients with nasal inverted papilloma underwent endoscopic surgery u sing the plasma radiofrequency(More)
The main goal of this article is to discuss how to accelerate vector based spatial analysis by optimizing data transfers in CUDA C. First we give a new data transfers method based on geometry objects. Then we discuss how to overlap data transfers with computation on GPU. Furthermore we compare the new GPU-based methods with the CPU-based method by using(More)
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