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The paper provides an overview of many areas of the flywheel magnetic suspension (MS) R&D being performed at the Texas A&M Vibration Control and Electromechanics Lab (TAMU-VCEL). This includes system response prediction, actuator optimization and redundancy, controller realizations and stages, sensor enhancements and backup bearing reliability. INTODUCTION(More)
A unique control approach is developed for prescribed large motion control using magnetic bearings in a proposed active stall control test rig. A "nite element based, #exible shaft is modeled in a closed loop system with PD controllers that generate the control signals to support and to shake the rotor shaft. A linearized force model of the stall rig with(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy logic based intelligent control system applied to magnetic bearings. The core in the expert system is fuzzy logic controllers with Mamdani architecture. The fuzzy logic controllers for rub detection and automatic gain scheduling were implemented. The expert system not only provides a means to capture the run time data of the(More)
This paper presents the work on the real time implementation of digital controllers applied to magnetic bearings to levitate high speed rotor systems. Microprocessor is employed for digital signal processing. The control loop consists of PID controller, tracking and fixed notch filters, lead compensators, and feedforward stage, etc. The controller is(More)
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