Shuli Gao

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  • Hui Xu, Shuli Gao, Qing Yang, Dun Pan, Lihua Wang, Chunhai Fan
  • 2010
The single stranded DNA (ssDNA) with G-rich sequence can fold into G-quadruplex via intramolecular hydrogen-bonding interaction in the presence of ligand. This structure conversion can be specifically detected by a fluorescence method based on different interaction between SYBR Green I (SG) and various DNA structures. SG is proved to intercalate into(More)
In this paper, asymmetric non-pipelined large size signed multipliers are implemented using symmetric and asymmetric embedded multipliers in FPGAs. Decomposition of the operands, and consequently the multiplication process, are performed for the efficient use of the embedded blocks. Partial products are organized in various configurations, and the additions(More)
Firm’s organization structure is influenced by many factors, and relationship between IT capability and organization structure in the network environment has attracted much attention. This paper analyzes how IT capability impact on dimensions of organization structure through questionnaire. Result shows that IT capability has positive impact on(More)
This paper presents an efficient design methodology and a systematic approach for the implementation of squaring functions with large integers, using small-size embedded multipliers. A general architecture of the squarer and a set of equations are derived to aid in the realization. The inputs of the squarer are split into several segments leading to an(More)
This paper presents an optimized design approach of two's complement large-size squarers using embedded multipliers in FPGAs. The realization is based on Baugh-Wooley's algorithm, which partitions the multiplication into unsigned and signed sections. To achieve efficient implementation, a set of optimized schemes for the realization of multi-level additions(More)
We here report a rapid, sensitive, selective and label-free fluorescence detection method for cysteine (Cys). The conformation of mercury-specific DNA (MSD) changes from a random coil form to a hairpin structure in the presence of Hg2+ due to the formation of a thymine-Hg2+ -thymine (T-Hg2+ -T) complex. Cys can selectively coordinate with Hg2+ and extract(More)