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This short paper resolves an apparent contradiction between Feldman's (1989) and Riedel's (2000) equilibrium models of the term structure of interest rates under incomplete information. Feldman (1989) showed that in an incomplete information version of Cox, Ingersoll, and Ross (1985), where the stochastic productivity factors are unobservable, equilibrium(More)
Published results on the use of the kappa coefficient of agreement have traditionally been concerned with situations where a large number of subjects is classified by a small group of raters. The coefficient is then used to assess the degree of agreement among the raters through hypothesis testing or confidence intervals. A modified kappa coefficient of(More)
In a recent paper Maritz and Jarrett (1978) proposed a small-sample estimate of the variance of sample medians from continuous population. In this paper their methods are adapted to median estimation in s~atified sampling without replacement from finite populations. A weighted sample median for estimating the median of heavy-tailed or skewed populations is(More)
We suggest that the proximity of a country to other countries is a factor that affects its choice as an MNE location. We introduce the concept of a country's proximity to the global distribution of knowledge, markets and resources, and frame this concept as a function of both geographic distance and the worldwide spatial distribution of these factors. We(More)
Indroduction. At present, modern telemedicine methods are being introduced, that may contribute to reducing lack of qualified stroke patient care, particularly in less populated regions. With the help of video conferencing systems, a so-called neuromedical teleconsultation is carried out. Methods. The study included a multicentered, completely standardized(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) followed by intratubal insemination in the treatment of infertility. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of 179 intratubal insemination trials in 78 women over a 48-month period. SETTING Reproductive endocrinology practice. PATIENTS Seventy-eight women, 26 to 44 years old (34(More)