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The Resilient Children Making Healthy Choices (RCMHC) Project is an early childhood prevention initiative designed to promote health and social competence in young children by training their teachers in skills aimed at nurturing children's resilient development. Through a model program implemented in ten Head Start and other community-based preschool(More)
Teaching group therapy is an essential aspect of graduate studies within the helping professions. Existing models discuss four basic elements required for such training: experience, observation, supervised practice, and theory. The present paper offers a model for a group therapy seminar based on these four elements and organized along developmental(More)
The role that body image plays in the psychological adjustment of kidney-transplant recipients is an understudied issue. In the current study, the association between three variables - (a) body-image dissatisfaction, (b) quality of life (QOL), and (c) psychological distress - was investigated. The research participants were 45 kidney-transplant recipients(More)
  • S Geller
  • 1979
3 new studies appeared in 1979, emphasing once more the increased risk of thrombotic accidents in users of oral contraception (OC). Other studies, however, have demonstrated that incidence of thrombosis is lower among women on OC than among other women. One must be aware of the difficulty of gathering statistics, and take into account the fact that,(More)
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