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MDC1 is a key mediator of the DNA-damage response in mammals with several phosphorylation-dependent protein interaction domains. The function of its N-terminal forkhead-associated (FHA) domain remains elusive. Here, we show with structural, biochemical and cellular data that the FHA domain mediates phosphorylation-dependent dimerization of MDC1 in response(More)
Separase is a cysteine protease with a crucial role in the dissolution of cohesion among sister chromatids during chromosome segregation. In human tumours separase is overexpressed, making it a potential target for drug discovery. The protease activity of separase is strictly regulated by the inhibitor securin, which forms a tight complex with separase and(More)
C. elegans PUD-1 and PUD-2, two proteins up-regulated in daf-2(loss-of-function) (PUD), are homologous 17-kD proteins with a large abundance increase in long-lived daf-2 mutant animals of reduced insulin signaling. In this study, we show that both PUD-1 and PUD-2 are abundantly expressed in the intestine and hypodermis, and form a heterodimer. We have(More)
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