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Abstract--Some matters on online tutorship in graduation design are discussed, which are the definition of online tutorship and learning interaction, students’ preference to tutorship means for graduation design, learning loneliness and the vicarious interaction in online tutorship. The advantages of online tutorship are following: the flexibility(More)
Cell sheet therapy has emerged as a potential therapeutic option for reparation and reconstruction of damaged tissues and organs. However, an effective means to assess the fate and distribution of transplanted cell sheets in a serial and noninvasive manner is still lacking. To investigate the feasibility of tracking Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) sheet(More)
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a common urinary system disease that mostly affects women. Current treatments still do not solve the critical problem of urethral sphincter dysfunction. In recent years, there have been major developments in techniques to obtain, culture, and characterize autologous stem cells as well as many studies describing their(More)
Currently there is little effective treatment available for castration resistant prostate cancer, which is responsible for the majority of prostate cancer related deaths. Emerging evidence suggested that cancer stem cells might play an important role in resistance to traditional cancer therapies, and the studies of cancer stem cells (including specific(More)
Significances of information technology for teaching and learning were discussed, and students’ Preference to applying information technology in graduation design was investigated. Tutorship applying information technology has advantages, such as space-time flexibility, visualization, digitalization and mass information. It can't replace traditional(More)
The necessity of multimedia in modern Fluid Mechanics teaching was discussed. The objectives, characteristics and innovations of constructing multimedia source material database for Fluid Mechanics teaching were analyzed, and the technical means, the soft and hardware conditions were presented. The basic application strategies of multimedia for Fluid(More)
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