Shukrallah Zaynoun

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For fair Caucasian skin, the minimal delayed erythema dose (MED) 24 hr after exposure to broadband UVA is about 1200 times greater than the MED of broadband UVB, for both single and multiple daily exposures. Repeated daily exposure to doses less than MED results in cumulative effects manifest by gradual lowering of the daily dose threshold for delayed(More)
An 8-month-old male infant had fever, polymorphonuclear leukocytosis, and tender, firm, elevated erythematous plaques on his face, trunk, and extremities. Histologic examination revealed a dense, perivascular, polymorphonuclear, inflammatory cell infiltrate with nuclear dust in the dermis and intrafollicular abscesses. The rash responded promptly and(More)
The presence and levels of furocoumarins in several parts of Ficus carica including the milky sap, were investigated. The results show that psoralen and bergapten are the only significant photoactive compounds, and are present in appreciable quantities in the leaf and shoot sap but are not detected in the fruit or its sap. These compounds are more(More)
Ultrastructural studies were carried out on the invasive nodule of forty malignant melanomas. The findings support the concept that the fine structure of lentigo maligna melanoma is often characteristic, and differs from that of superficial spreading and nodular melanoma. The melanosomes in lentigo maligna melanoma are usually ellipsoidal and resemble those(More)
Previous studies on skin topically photosensitized with trimethylpsoralen and subsequently irradiated with long-wave UV light have demonstrated an increase in melanosome size and changes in the distribution patterns of melanosomes, suggesting the possibility of gene derepression or the induction of a somatic mutation of melanocytes. The present(More)