Shukor Sanim Bin Mohd Fauzi

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Many companies use Global Software Development (GSD) to access skilled people, reduce costs and utilize around the clock development. GSD has numerous social and technical difficulties, but most literature only examines social difficulties. Few studies concern technical difficulties or address Software Configuration Management (SCM) issues. SCM is widely(More)
The PSP-Expert Visualization Agent (EVA) is designed for software engineers specifically to introduce the agent-oriented concept, as well as to automate all the processes and fields involved in PSP. Currently, some developers of PSP automated tools include the agent's element in their system that focuses on sensor-based tracking of lines of code. However,(More)
Programming language subject is one of the main core subjects for undergraduate IT students. 47 of the undergraduate IT students in public higher education in Malaysia involved in the study. These students enroll Programming Language subject. Pair programming practice has been applied to these students to investigate the effect towards performance,(More)
In recent years, Muslims have depended on the Halal logo, displayed on food packaging, to indicate that the products are prepared according to Halal precepts. As laid out in the Quran, Halal designates that which is lawful and permitted. However, due to the rapid development of advanced technology and the stringent procedures legislated by the Department of(More)
As Halal is the greatest concert to all Muslims, several measures have been taken by the authorities to educate Muslims about Halal status on food products. Introducing Halal logo is one of the significant approaches. Challenges faced by manufacturers in promoting their products to Muslims consumers made process of securing Halal logo harder. Fake Halal(More)
Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a set of engineering procedures which involves defining and controlling the software products in a software configuration. The main goal of the SCM process is to ensure that all changes are recorded and the current state of the software is known and reproducible. SCM is applied not only during the design and(More)
The idea of the OSCMR is to manage software configuration items (CSCI) of various software development processes. OSCMR has been designed and developed to run on the Internet and features simple user interfaces. It also has been designed to help beginners having a simple view of the software development process. Next, OSCMR is flexible enough to adapt(More)
This paper presents a model to assess Software Project Management (SPM) practices using our Software Project Management Maturity Assessment (SPMMA) model. We discuss the model procedure, assessment inputs and outputs, the assessment questionnaires, team selection associated with the SPMMA. We have tested our model in a mid-size IT company. One pilot project(More)
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