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We examined the effects of habitual moderate exercise on central information processing in older individuals using the reaction time (RT) and P3 component of event-related brain potentials (ERP). The present study was designed to assess cognitive function by comparing groups of 20 older individuals (69.20 +/- 1.3 years active group) who regularly engage in(More)
We compared the combined spinal and thoracic epidural analgesia with 2% lidocaine for caesarean section, with spinal analgesia using 2% lidocaine, tetracaine or dibucaine, and also with lumbar epidural analgesia. The analgesia at high thoracic level could be achieved with combined spinal and epidural analgesia more easily than with others. The frequency of(More)
The prognostic significance of the proliferative activities in intraductal components and invasive foci was investigated using 157 cases of invasive ductal breast carcinoma in which intraductal components predominated. Proliferative activity was expressed as the number of MIB1-positive nuclei per 1000 cancer cells in the most active areas of intraductal(More)
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