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Fingerprint identification system is mainly consisted of fingerprint achieving, fingerprint classification and fingerprint matching. Fingerprint matching is the key to the system and effects on the precision and efficiency of the whole system directly. Fingerprints are matched mainly based on their fingerprint texture pattern which can be described with the(More)
Road network management is an important task for the economic and social growth. In the context of an Indian city, efficient road network management is required to overcome the problem of traffic congestions and road accidents. Computer traffic simulation is a better way to analysis the road network. In this study a maiden attempt for a systematic empirical(More)
In a multilingual country like India, script segmentation or script separation of the multi-script in an image of a document page is of primary importance for a script identification system. For script segmentation of such a document page, it is necessary to segment multi script forms before running individual OCR of the script. In this paper we present a(More)
  • Anand Kr, Shukla, M Zubair Khan, Madinah Saudi Arabia, Jagdish Rai
  • 2016
Interface of java used as a design pattern for object oriented software development mostly used with inheritance, in java multiple inheritance is possible only through the interface this approach is widely used with modern software development approach apart from that there is also a rough side of java's Interface which discussed in this paper, interface(More)
(MANETs) Mobile Ad-hoc Networks is a group of mobile nodes that are connected dynamically, in which each node acts as a router to all other nodes. Due to the absence of centralized administration and dynamic nature, MANETs are vulnerable to various kinds of attacks from malicious nodes. Several secure routing protocols like AODV, DSR, TSR, and OLSR have(More)
In this paper, we present the analysis of subthreshold leakage current with temperature variations in an IP3 SRAM bit-cell. A comparison of subthreshold leakage current of IP3 SRAM bit-cell with conventional 6T, P4 and P3 is performed at elevated temperatures ranging from 0 0 C to 125 0 C. It is observed that subthreshold leakage increases with temperature(More)
An ad-hoc network is a set of mobile nodes in which it is required that each node performs cooperatively and a node is called cooperative when it transfers data correctly to another node in a wireless network. But due to openness in ad-hoc network, it is vulnerable to various kinds of attack from malicious nodes. Various routing protocol recently have been(More)
This paper deals with the problem of finding convex bulges on the Pareto-front of a multi-objective optimization problem. The point of maximum bulge is of particular interest as this point shows good trade-off properties and it is also close to the non-attainable utopia point. Our approach is to use a population based algorithm to simultaneously promote(More)
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