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In this brief, we establish a novel complex-valued memristive recurrent neural network (CVMRNN) to study its stability. As a generalization of real-valued memristive neural networks, CVMRNN can be separated into real and imaginary parts. By means of <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$M$ </tex-math></inline-formula>-matrix and Lyapunov function,(More)
Cellular nonlinear/neural network (CNN) has been recognized as a powerful massively parallel architecture capable of solving complex engineering problems by performing trillions of analog operations per second. The memristor was theoretically predicted in the late seventies, but it garnered nascent research interest due to the recent much-acclaimed(More)
A novel systematic design of associative memory networks is addressed in this paper, by incorporating both the biological small-world effect and the recently acclaimed memristor into the conventional Hopfield neural network. More specifically, the original fully connected Hopfield network is diluted by considering the small-world effect, based on a(More)
An electronic nose (E-nose) is an intelligent system that we will use in this paper to distinguish three indoor pollutant gases (benzene (C₆H₆), toluene (C₇H₈), formaldehyde (CH₂O)) and carbon monoxide (CO). The algorithm is a key part of an E-nose system mainly composed of data processing and pattern recognition. In this paper, we employ support vector(More)
This paper focuses on the hybrid effects of parameter uncertainty, stochastic perturbation, and impulses on global stability of delayed neural networks. By using the Ito formula, Lyapunov function, and Halanay inequality, we established several mean-square stability criteria from which we can estimate the feasible bounds of impulses, provided that parameter(More)
This paper studies the uniqueness and global exponential stability of the equilibrium point for memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays. By employing Lyapunov functional and theory of differential equations with discontinuous right-hand side, we establish several sufficient conditions for exponential stability of the equilibrium(More)