Shujun Zhang

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Transcription factors play important roles in lymphopoiesis. We have previously demonstrated that Bcl11a is essential for normal lymphocyte development in the mouse embryo. We report here that, in the adult mouse, Bcl11a is expressed in most hematopoietic cells and is highly enriched in B cells, early T cell progenitors, common lymphoid progenitors (CLPs),(More)
Piezoelectric sensing is of increasing interest for high-temperature applications in aerospace, automotive, power plants and material processing due to its low cost, compact sensor size and simple signal conditioning, in comparison with other high-temperature sensing techniques. This paper presented an overview of high-temperature piezoelectric sensing(More)
Evolutionary solutions to the physiological challenges of life in highly variable habitats can span the continuum from evolution of a cosmopolitan plastic phenotype to the evolution of locally adapted phenotypes. Killifish (Fundulus sp.) have evolved both highly plastic and locally adapted phenotypes within different selective contexts, providing a(More)
This paper reports a method for automatically constructing a relational model of a rigid 3D object, to represent view-independent relations among its component parts, and of using such a model to recognise the object from single monochromatic images. The relational model is a graph associated with procedural constraints. It is constructed by a statistic(More)
BACKGROUND Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus (SFTSV), which can cause hemorrhagic fever-like illness, is a newly discovered bunyavirus in China. The pathogenesis of SFTSV infection is poorly understood. However, it has been suggested that immune mechanisms, including cytokines and chemokines, play an important role in disease pathogenesis.(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiological investigations, detections and vaccines of hepatitis E (HE) have been paid a focus of attention in prior studies, while studies on clinical features and risk factors with a large number of sporadic HE patients are scarce. RESULTS Sporadic HE can occur throughout the year, with the highest incidence rate in the first quarter of a(More)
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is one of the most economically important diseases of swine, which is caused by PRRS virus (PRRSV). CD151, one of PRRSV entry mediators, determines the cell susceptibility for PRRSV. Emerging evidence indicates that the host microRNAs (miRNAs) play key roles in modulating virus infection and viral(More)