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This paper presents a modified Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSSP) with makespan criterion. The traditional ACO algorithms can be simplified with the elimination of pheromone unimportant to the JSSP solution. Also, this paper suggests a new priority rule served as the heuristic information of the proposed(More)
The completion time or makespan estimation of a set of jobs in batch process industries is studied; Because jobs interact with each other at the level of shop floor, five interaction variables are defined and an indication of their influence on the makespan is experimentally investigated. A back-propagation network (BPN) model combined with genetic(More)
The partner selection problem with a due date constraint in virtual enterprises is proved to be NPcompleteness problem. So it cannot have any polynomial time solution algorithm at present. Nonlinear integer programming model for the problem is established. The objective function and constraint function of the model have monotonicity properties. Based on the(More)
To win the increasingly severe market competition, building the sharing, integrated and collaborative task mode of product development and production to shorten the product development cycle, improve the product quality has been a widely accepted. Cooperated product development and cooperated production control (CPD&CPC) based on alliance mechanism,(More)
Concurrent realization method of process planning and production scheduling was suggested in the case of integrated environment, establishes the models of process planning and production scheduling integrated system. The models can classify process planning and production scheduling into different stages. The relations between process planning and(More)
The present work deals with molecular dynamics simulations of water confined in single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs), with emphasis on the proton-ordering of water and its polarization. First, the water occupancy of open-ended armchair and zigzag CNTs immersed in water under ambient NPT conditions is calculated for various water models, and for varying(More)