Shuju Wu

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—Reliable multicast applications use feedback messages to report receiving status of receivers. This results in the well-known feedback implo-sion and scalability problems. Also, quick loss response from receivers and low multicast overhead, e.g. control messages and session messages, are desired. We present a feedback implosion control mechanism that(More)
In reliable multicast applications, packet loss needs to be reported by having group members send feedback messages. This results in the well-known feedback implosion problem. The available feedback control mechanisms can be classified as timer-based, hierarchy-based and router-assisted, among which the timer-based approach is more preferable due to its(More)
— Recently, we have proposed an energy saving Gossip-based Sleep Protocol (GSP) [1] for energy conservation in mobile ad hoc networks. A gossiping node employs a random variable (p) to decide whether or not to enter a sleep mode. Our observation is that in a well connected ad hoc network there are usually many paths existing between a source and a(More)
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