Shujing Gao

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—In swarm intelligence algorithms, premature convergence happens partially due to the solutions getting clustered together, and not diverging again. However, solution clustering is not always harmful for optimization. The solution clustering strategy is utilized in brain storm optimization (BSO) to guide individuals to move toward the better and better(More)
Pulse vaccination, the repeated application of vaccine over a defined age range, is gaining prominence as an effective strategy for the elimination of infectious diseases. An SIR epidemic model with pulse vaccination and distributed time delay is proposed in this paper. Using the discrete dynamical system determined by the stroboscopic map, we obtain the(More)
BACKGROUND The transmission of schistosomiasis japonica in a local setting is still poorly understood in the lake regions of the People's Republic of China (P. R. China), and its transmission patterns are closely related to human, social and economic factors. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We aimed to apply the integrated approach of artificial neural(More)
Schistosomiasis japonica, caused by infection with Schistosoma japonicum, is still recognized as a major public health problem in the Peoples’ Republic of China. Mathematical modelling of schistosomiasis transmission has been undertaken in order to assess and project the effects of various control strategies for elimination of the disease. Seasonal(More)