Shujie Shen

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This study investigates the performance of combination forecasts in the context of international tourism demand. Five econometric and two time-series models are employed to generate individual forecasts. Six combination methods are then employed, and their forecasting performance evaluated, using data on UK outbound tourism demand in seven destination(More)
This study investigates the performance of combination forecasts in comparison to individual forecasts. The empirical study focuses on the UK outbound leisure tourism demand for the USA. The combination forecasts are based on the competing forecasts generated from seven individual forecasting techniques. The three combination methods examined in this study(More)
The antimicrobial activities of sucrose monolaurate and a novel ester, lactose monolaurate (LML), were tested. Gram-positive bacteria were more susceptible than Gram-negative bacteria to both esters. The minimal bactericidal concentrations of LML were 5 to 9.5 mM for Listeria monocytogenes isolates and 0.2 to 2 mM for Mycobacterium isolates.
A persistent need exists for effective treatment agents for mycobacterial infections. This research investigated the effectiveness of the Hypericum perforatum herb (commonly known as St John's wort; SJW) in its growth inhibition of mycobacteria. A SJW extract was effective at inhibiting five nonpathogenic Mycobacterium isolates and Bacillus subtilis, but(More)
This study provides a comprehensive comparison of the performance of the commonly used econometric and time-series models in forecasting seasonal tourism demand. The empirical study is carried out based on the demand for outbound leisure tourism by UK residents to seven destination countries: Australia, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the USA. In(More)
The urinary and plasma metabonomics method based on a Agilent-1200 LC system coupled to an Agilent-6410 mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) had been established to investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of Yi-Guan-Jian (YGJ) decoction and explore its potential anti-inflammatory mechanism. Rat acute inflammation was induced by subcutaneous injection of(More)
Empirically derived estimates of freight transport demand elasticities and accurate forecasts of future demand are important for freight planning and policy making. The sensitivity of freight transport demand to the changes of its determinants can help policy makers to evaluate alternative policy options in controlling future freight transportation growth,(More)
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