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The dynamic behavior of the R-ALOHA packet broadcast system with multipacket messages is analyzed in this paper. It is assumed that each user handles one message at a time and the number of packets in a message is geometrically distributed. A Markovian model of the system is first formulated which explicitly contains the influence of the propagation delay(More)
This paper studies subjective tradeoff between fidelity and latency in an interactive audio--visual application over the Internet. In audio--video transmission, its temporal structure is disturbed by delay jitter of packets. The fidelity means how exactly the temporal structure is preserved. The degradation in the fidelity can be improved by playout buffer.(More)
This paper proposes a Link Quality-based Hybrid Routing (LQHR) protocol for wireless ad hoc networks. LQHR takes account of link quality such as SNR between adjacent nodes and the link utilization level of each node. In LQHR, each node maintains routing information produced by OLSR, which is a proactive routing protocol for ad hoc networks. When a source(More)