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The cheiro-oral syndrome is a well-known peculiar sensory disturbance seen around the corner of the mouth and in the palm of the hand on the same side. However, sensory disturbance around the corner of the mouth, in the palm of the hand and in the foot on the same side (cheiro-oral-pedal syndrome) has not been reported until now. We examined 2 cases of(More)
I congratulate the authors of the recently revised ''BSG guidelines for the investigation of diarrhoea'' for their excellent overview of this important clinical problem.(Gut 2003; 52(suppl V):v1–15). I would however take issue with the suggestion that measurement of stool volumes in outpatients is impractical. In my experience such measurement is readily(More)
I mpaired glucose tolerance is frequent in patients with pheochromocytoma (1). A decreased insulin secretion is considered to be the main cause for pheochromocy-toma-associated diabetes (2). Data from animal and circumstantial evidence from clinical studies suggest that catecholamines can induce insulin resistance. Previous studies characterized the glucose(More)
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