Shuji Nishi

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The problem of calculating parasitic capacitance between interconnects is investigated with the main theme focused on deriving approximate expressions for calculating parasitic capacitance between two crossing interconnects. The interconnects are divided into a few basic coupling regions, in such a way that the capacitance in a region can be represented by(More)
Driver circuit of the small Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is formed on the same glass substrate as LCD by means of the so-called SoG (System on Glass) technology. The timing pulse generator of LCD driver, which is to generate trigger signals for driving each pixel, is usually laid out restrictedly in an area remaining after the layout of other subcircuits in(More)
INTRODUCTION Generally, hypoxia at less than 10,000 ft (3,048 m) has no apparent effect on aircrews. Nevertheless, several hypoxic incidents have been reported in flights below 10,000 ft. A recently introduced pulse oximeter using finger probes allows accurate monitoring of oxygen saturation (SPO2) in the aeromedical environment. Using such a pulse(More)
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