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The Blue Laser Diode: GaN based Light Emitters and Lasers
Physics of gallium nitrides and related compounds GaN growth p-Type GaN obtained by electron beam irradiation n-Type GaN p-Type GaN InGaN Zn and Si co-doped InGaN/AlGaN double-heterostructure blueExpand
Candela‐class high‐brightness InGaN/AlGaN double‐heterostructure blue‐light‐emitting diodes
Candela‐class high‐brightness InGaN/AlGaN double‐heterostructure (DH) blue‐light‐emitting diodes(LEDs) with the luminous intensity over 1 cd were fabricated. As an active layer, a Zn‐doped InGaNExpand
The blue laser diode-the complete story
The story of Shuji Nakamura and the blue laser diode is remarkable. It is clear from this book that he enjoys this fact and wishes his readers to become familiar with his success. Nakamura was aExpand
Thermal Annealing Effects on P-Type Mg-Doped GaN Films
Low-resistivity p-type GaN films were obtained by N2-ambient thermal annealing at temperatures above 700°C for the first time. Before thermal annealing, the resistivity of Mg-doped GaN films wasExpand
InGaN-Based Multi-Quantum-Well-Structure Laser Diodes.
InGaN multi-quantum-well (MQW) structure laser diodes (LDs) fabricated from III-V nitride materials were grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on sapphire substrates. The mirror facet for aExpand
Spontaneous emission of localized excitons in InGaN single and multiquantum well structures
Emission mechanisms of InGaN single quantum well blue and green light emitting diodes and multiquantum well structures were investigated by means of modulation spectroscopy. Their staticExpand
High-power GaN P-N junction blue-light-emitting diodes
High-power p-n junction blue-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were fabricated using GaN films grown with GaN buffer layers. The external quantum efficiency was as high as 0.18%. Output power was almostExpand
GaN Growth Using GaN Buffer Layer
High-quality gallium nitride (GaN) film was obtained for the first time using a GaN buffer layer on a sapphire substrate. An optically flat and smooth surface was obtained over a two-inch sapphireExpand
Prospects for LED lighting
More than one-fifth of US electricity is used to power artificial lighting. Light-emitting diodes based on group III/nitride semiconductors are bringing about a revolution in energy-efficientExpand
Origin of defect-insensitive emission probability in In-containing (Al,In,Ga)N alloy semiconductors
Here it is explained why In-containing (Al,In,Ga)N bulk films exhibit a defect-insensitive emission probability, and it is concluded that localizing valence states associated with atomic condensates of In–N preferentially capture holes, which have a positive charge similar to positrons. Expand