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Study on CxN and CxS with disordered carbon structure as the anode materials for secondary lithium batteries
Abstract C x N ( x = 12.5 and 7.3) and C x S ( x = 31.8 and 28.0) with disordered carbon structure was synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) from pyridine and thiophene, respectively, at 800Expand
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Charge transfer induced enhancement of near-IR two-photon absorption of 5,15-bis(azulenylethynyl) zinc(II) porphyrins.
Intramolecular charge transfer in 5,15-bis(azulenylethynyl) substituted zinc(ii) porphyrin leads to a significant enhancement of two-photon absorption at near-IR region, which has been investigatedExpand
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Clinical evaluation of FUT-175 as a regional anti-coagulant in hemodialysis
107例の術後ないし出血性合併症をもつ血液透析患者を対象に, nafamostat mesilate (FUT-175; FUT) を抗凝固薬として使用した血液透析を平均7.5回 (約16日間) 施行し, その透析用局所抗凝固薬としての有用性を多施設共同研究にて検討した. FUTの有効投与量は34.2±1.2mg/hrと判定され, 本投与量投与時には, 対照としたヘパリンを用いた血液透析時Expand
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Electrochemical behaviors of nonstoichiometric silicon suboxides (SiOx) film prepared by reactive evaporation for lithium rechargeable batteries
We investigated the electrochemical behaviors of nonstoichiometric silicon suboxides (SiO x , for x = 0.17 ―1.34) as the anode material for lithium rechargeable batteries. The amorphous SiO x (a-SiOExpand
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A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
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Outcomes of surgical treatment for osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow: evaluation by lesion location.
BACKGROUND For treatment of advanced elbow osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), we have used surgical treatment. Although favorable treatment outcomes have been reported for centrally located OCD,Expand
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Formation of acrylamide in a processed food model system, and examination of inhibitory conditions.
Acrylamide (AAm) is formed from asparagine (Asn) and reducing sugar during cooking of foods at high temperature. We examined the formation of AAm in a model system using a glass fiber filter paper,Expand
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Design of a radial line slot antenna with improved input VSWR
In this paper, field analysis by means of the finite element method (FEM) provides the shapes of the feeding structures which minimize the reflection. Expand
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