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The problem we want to handle in this paper is vagueness. A notion of space, which we basically have, plays an important part in the faculty of thinking and speech. In this paper, we concentrate on a particular class of spatial descriptions , namely descriptions about positional relations on a two-dimensional space. A theoretical device we present in this(More)
We propose an eecient t w o-pass search algorithm for LVCSR. Instead of conventional word graph, the rst preliminary pass generates word trellis index", keeping track of all survived word hypotheses within the beam every time-frame. As it represents all found word boundaries non-deterministically, w e can 1 obtain accurate sentence-dependent hypotheses on(More)
This 1)al)(,r drs('ribrs tit(' un(h,rstanding l)ro('('ss of the spatial descriptions in ,lal)anese. In order to under-statt(I tlw described worhl, tit(' a, it|hors 113" to r('('Oll-stru('t tit(' gc(nm,tric model of tit(' gh)bal s('en(' frmn tlw scenic descriptions drawing a spaco. It is done by an experimental ('Omlmter itrogranl SPR INT. whiclt lakes(More)
A task-independent ller modeling for robust key-phrase detection and veriication is proposed. Instead of assuming task-speciic lexical knowledge, our model is designed to characterize phrases depending on the speaking-style, thus can be trained with large corpora of diierent but similar tasks. We present t w o implementations of the portable and general(More)
We propose an eeective application of speech recognition to foreign language pronunciation learning. The objective of our system is to detect pronunciation errors and provide diagnostic feedback through speech processing and recognition methods. Automatic pronunciation error detection is used for two kinds of mis-pronunciation, that is mistake and(More)