Shuji Asai

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This study reports that postischemic apoptotic cell death of the hippocampal cornu ammonis (CA) 1 neurons is delayed in aged gerbils. Age-related changes in the process of CA1 neuronal death following transient ischemia was studied. Two groups of Mongolian gerbils were used in this study, which compared adult (4-month-old) and aged (24-month-old) animals by(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and retention rates of three biologics (abatacept, tocilizumab, and etanercept) after switching from first-course anti-TNF monoclonal antibody therapy. We performed a retrospective multicenter study of 89 patients who underwent second-course biologic therapy for 52 weeks after switching from first-course(More)
Hatano high-avoidance (HAA) and low-avoidance (LAA) animals were originally selected from Sprague-Dawley rats for good and poor active avoidance learning in a shuttle box. We studied the endocrinological profile in lactating rats to determine the effect of suckling during mid-lactation in HAA and LAA rats. The pups were separated from their mother rats 6 h(More)
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