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This study was undertaken to investigate serum and follicular fluid (FF) concentrations of some biochemical metabolites during the low (May to October) and the peak breeding season (November to April) in female camels with small and large follicles. For this purpose, ovaries from 92 female camels aged 3-7 years (young) or 8-15 years (adult) with clinically(More)
In this project, ovarian size and activity during the peak (November-April) and the low (May-October) breeding seasons in young and adult camels were studied. Ovaries of 92 camels (Camelus dromedarius), with clinically normal reproductive tracts, aged 3-15 years and slaughtered at Faisalabad or Lahore abattoirs over a period of 24 months, were collected.(More)
This study was carried out to monitor changes in the semen quality and plasma testosterone concentrations for 20 weeks following unilateral ligation of testicular vessels in three male goats and two rams. One male goat and one ram were used as untreated controls. Ejaculates from the experimental animals were collected fortnightly and evaluated for physical(More)
BACKGROUND The current study was designed to investigate the effect of supplementation of Flaxseed (Linumusitatisimum) oil on libido and semen quality of Nilli-Ravi buffalo bulls. METHODS In this study, 12 adult healthy bulls kept at the Semen Production Unit, Qadirabad district Sahiwal, were used. These bulls were divided into three equal groups, A, B(More)
In this study, an attempt was made to induce ovulation in crossbred pre-pubertal heifers by the use of clomiphene citrate (an anti-estrogen) and hCG. The hypothesis was that the clomiphene citrate, being anti-estrogen, would remove negative feedback effect of estrogen on the release of pituitary gonadotropins. Elevated gonadotropins would support ovarian(More)
In this study, anterior pituitary glands were collected from 12 young male buffalo calves after slaughter, cultured with gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) and estrogen stimulus and the extract obtained. Adult male rabbits (n = 15) were divided into three equal groups. Rabbits of Group A served as control; those of Groups B and C were given extract(More)
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