Shuiyan He

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Computational thinking, also called structural thinking is characterized by design and construction. In view of the existing problems of traditional teaching methods in high vocational colleges, we propose a teaching method aimed at developing the computational thinking of students. This article analyses the courses of high vocational colleges and the(More)
Motivating students to comprehend software structure, behavior and complexity is often difficult because software cannot be seen or even touched, disappear into files on disks. To overcome this problem, the author has prepared an open source project, some programs developed by students themselves and two software visualization tools, and applied them in(More)
Analysis is done on the inter-carrier interference (ICI) that caused by multi-carrier communication system frequency offset. The application model of DFT/IDFT in ADSL access network is analyzed further; the hardware detection and software analysis scheme of the system are proposed for the accessing network. Experiments have proved that monitoring system can(More)
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