Shuiping Zhang

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The Research presents an image encryption algorithm which bases on chaotic cellular automata. This algorithm makes use of features that extreme sensitivity of chaotic system to initial conditions, the cellular automaton with a high degree of parallel processing. The encryption algorithm uses two-dimensional chaotic system to Encrypt image, Then establish a(More)
The existing network information security is mainly focused on the classification of gateway or network perimeter and so on. The lack of measures relevant to security threat from intranet hosts leads to information divulging with great loss. The intranet should be of high security. And it's a latent threat when the intranet users visit the website with(More)
According to the goals of information integration, aiming at the automatic operations of the large online information system at present, and on the basis of feasibility study, this paper proposes the detailed design proposal of data center and the implementation technique of the data integration based on SOA framework.
This paper proposes a novel two-input, two-output architecture of photo core transform (PCT) in JPEG XR. First, the lifting operations of PCT are optimized such that some operations can be reused. Then the time multiplexing technique is used by combining lifting steps to design a hardware-efficient architecture. Experimental results based on field(More)
Aiming at the problem that solutions obtained by simply using FOA (Fruit fly optimization algorithm) would fall into local optimum, with slow convergence and low accuracy, we therefore propose an algorithm EOFOA that combines EO (Extremal optimization algorithm) with FOA. EOFOA brings the basic idea of EO, an algorithm of extremal dynamics, into FOA, so as(More)
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