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Chitinase-like proteins (CLPs) are lectins combining properties of cytokines and growth factors. Human CLPs include YKL-40, YKL-39 and SI-CLP that are secreted by cancer cells, macrophages, neutrophils, synoviocytes, chondrocytes and other cells. The best investigated CLP in cancer is YKL-40. Serum and plasma levels of YKL-40 correlate with poor prognosis(More)
Tumor associated macrophages (TAM) support tumor growth and metastasis in several animal models of breast cancer, and TAM amount is predictive for efficient tumor growth and metastatic spread via blood circulation. However, limited information is available about intratumoral TAM heterogeneity and functional role of TAM subpopulations in tumor progression.(More)
Stabilin-1 is a multifunctional scavenger receptor expressed on alternatively-activated macrophages. Stabilin-1 mediates phagocytosis of "unwanted-self" components, intracellular sorting, and endocytic clearance of extracellular ligands including SPARC that modulates breast cancer growth. The expression of stabilin-1 was found on tumor-associated(More)
Recent evidence indicates the presence of macrophage subpopulations that express the TCRαβ in two major inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis and atherosclerosis. Inflammation is also a well-established attribute of cancer progression and macrophages are one of the major immune cells that infiltrate tumors. Here, we demonstrate that the macrophage-TCRαβ is(More)
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