Shuigeng Zhou

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MOTIVATION Fold recognition is an important step in protein structure and function prediction. Traditional sequence comparison methods fail to identify reliable homologies with low sequence identity, while the taxonomic methods are effective alternatives, but their prediction accuracies are around 70%, which are still relatively low for practical usage. (More)
Given two locations s and t in a road network, a distance query returns the minimum network distance from s to t, while a shortest path query computes the actual route that achieves the minimum distance. These two types of queries find important applications in practice, and a plethora of solutions have been proposed in past few decades. The existing(More)
Graphs are widely used for modeling complicated data, including chemical compounds, protein interactions, XML documents, and multimedia. Information retrieval against such data can be formulated as a graph search problem, and finding an efficient solution to the problem is essential for many applications. A popular approach is to represent both graphs and(More)
We consider skyline computation when the underlying data set is horizontally partitioned onto geographically distant servers that are connected to the Internet. The existing solutions are not suitable for our problem, because they have at least one of the following drawbacks: (1) applicable only to distributed systems adopting vertical partitioning or(More)
In this paper, we present a new clustering algorithm, NBC, i.e., Neighborhood Based Clustering, which discovers clusters based on the neighborhood characteristics of data. The NBC algorithm has the following advantages: (1) NBC is effective in discovering clusters of arbitrary shape and different densities; (2) NBC needs fewer input parameters than the(More)
Existing <i>differential privacy</i> (DP) studies mainly consider aggregation on data sets where each entry corresponds to a particular participant to be protected. In many situations, a user may pose a relational algebra query on a database with sensitive data, and desire differentially private aggregation on the result of the query. However, no existing(More)
This paper addresses the problem of skyline computation under the MapReduce framework. As a parallel programming model for data-intensive computing applications, MapReduce runs on a cluster of commercial PCs with the main idea of task decomposition and result reduction. Based on different data partitioning strategies, three MapReduce style skyline(More)
MicroRNAs (simply miRNAs) are derived from larger hairpin RNA precursors and play essential regular roles in both animals and plants. A number of computational methods for miRNA genes finding have been proposed in the past decade, yet the problem is far from being tackled, especially when considering the imbalance issue of known miRNAs and unidentified(More)
The localization of sensor nodes is a fundamental problem in sensor networks and can be implemented using powerful and expensive beacons. Beacons, the fewer the better, can acquire their position knowledge either from GPS devices or by virtue of being manually placed. In this paper, we propose a distributed method to localization of sensor nodes using a(More)
Computing the shortest path between two given locations in a road network is an important problem that finds applications in various map services and commercial navigation products. The stateof-the-art solutions for the problem can be divided into two categories: spatial-coherence-based methods and vertex-importancebased approaches. The two categories of(More)