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We previously reported that CD44-positive cells were candidates for astrocyte precursor cells in the developing cerebellum, because cells expressing high levels of CD44 selected by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) gave rise only to astrocytes in vitro. However, whether CD44 is a specific cell marker for cerebellar astrocyte precursor cells in vivo(More)
—A novel expression for the evaluation of 2-sensitivity is developed for the cases of linear discrete-time systems, linear continuous-time systems, and two-dimensional (2-D) state-space digital filters. This is accomplished by introducing the concept of general controlability and observability Gramians in each case. Moreover, the 2-sensitivity measures(More)
We report on spike discharges in the EEGs of sleeping El mice, which are considered to be homologous to the state seen in human epileptic patients. The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) was used to decompose the EEGs derived from seven electrodes, with the primary spike frequency detected in the 15.6-7.8 Hz detail. The synchronicity of the spikes was(More)
We investigate a class of N = 4 quiver Chern-Simons theories and their gravity duals. We define the group of fractional D3-brane charges in a type IIB brane setup with taking account of D3-brane creation due to Hanany-Witten effect, and confirm that it agrees with the 3-cycle homology of the dual geometry, which describes the charges of fractional(More)
We compute a certain index for an N = 4 Chern-Simons theory with gauge group U (N) r in the large N limit with taking account of monopole contribution, and compare it to the corresponding multi-particle index for M-theory in the dual geometry AdS 4 × X 7. The internal space X 7 has non-trivial two-cycles, and M2-branes wrapped on them contribute to the(More)
Gauge Theories The thermal partition function of level k U (N) Chern-Simons theories on S 2 , interacting with matter in the fundamental representation, was studied in the 't Hooft limit, N, k → ∞, with λ = N/k and T 2 V 2 N held fixed (T is the temperature and V 2 the volume of the sphere). The partition function was shown to be related to the expectation(More)
Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells consist of heterogeneous populations with differing abilities to proliferate and differentiate. We previously demonstrated that the expression level of platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 (PECAM1)/CD31 was positively correlated with the undifferentiated state of mouse ES cells. In order to screen for a novel gene(s)(More)