Shuichi Onodera

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A fructosyltransferase that transfers the terminal (2 --> 1)-beta-linked D-fructosyl group of fructo-oligosaccharides (1(F)(1-beta-D-fructofuranosyl)(n) sucrose, n >/= 1) to HO-6 of the glucosyl residue and HO-1 of the fructosyl residue of similar saccharides (1(F)(1-beta-D-fructofuranosyl)(m) sucrose, m >/= 0) has been purified from an extract of the bulbs(More)
Two novel oligosaccharides, tetra-and penta-saccharides were synthesized by fructosyl transfer from 1-kestose to 4G-beta-D-galactopyranosylsucrose with a purified 1F-fructosyltransferase of asparagus roots and identified as 1F-beta-D-fructofuranosyl-4G-beta-D-galactopyranosylsucrose,(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously reported on the variation of total fructooligosaccharides (FOS), total inulooligosaccharides (IOS) and inulin in the roots of burdock stored at different temperatures. During storage at 0°C, an increase of FOS as a result of the hydrolysis of inulin was observed. Moreover, we suggested that an increase of IOS would likely be(More)
* Fructan:fructan 6G-fructosyltransferase (6G-FFT) catalyses a transfructosylation from fructooligosaccharides to C6 of the glucose residue of sucrose or fructooligosacchrides. In asparagus (Asparagus officinalis), 6G-FFT is important for the synthesis of inulin neoseries fructan. Here, we report the isolation and functional analysis of the gene encoding(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously reported on purification and characterization of beta-fructofuranosidase (beta-FFase) from Bifidobacterium adolescentis G1. This enzyme showed high activity of hydrolysis on fructo-oligosaccharides with a low degree of polymerization. Recently, genome sequences of B. longum NCC2705 and B. adolescentis ATCC 15703 were(More)
Mild detergent treatment (0.1% Sarkosyl-0.1% beta-mercaptoethanol) of Dane particle-rich fraction from human serum resulted in the release of core particles together with HBe antigen activity when examined by the reversed passive haemagglutination method. Furthermore, when the core particles isolated by the above procedure were exposed to stronger detergent(More)
A fermented beverage of plant extract was prepared from about 50 kinds of fruits and vegetables. Natural fermentation was conducted by lactic acid bacteria (Leuconostoc spp.) and yeast (Zygosaccharomyces spp. and Pichia spp.). Eighteen kinds of oligosaccharides were isolated from this beverage, and their structures were confirmed by methylation analysis,(More)
An extract from 50 kinds of fruits and vegetables was fermented to produce a new beverage. Natural fermentation of the extract was carried out mainly by lactic acid bacteria (Leuconostoc spp.) and yeast (Zygosaccharomyces spp. and Pichia spp.). Two new saccharides were found in this fermented beverage. The saccharides were isolated using carbon-Celite(More)
Onion and shallot (Allium cepa L.) exhibit wide variation in bulb fructan content, and the Frc locus on chromosome 8 conditions much of this variation. To understand the biochemical basis of Frc, we conducted biochemical and genetic analyses of Allium fistulosum (FF)-shallot (A. cepa Aggregatum group) alien monosomic addition lines (AALs; FF+1A-FF+8A) and(More)