Shuichi Odahara

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The technique used to align liquid crystals-rubbing the surface of a substrate on which a liquid crystal is subsequently deposited-has been perfected by the multibillion-dollar liquid-crystal display industry. However, it is widely recognized that a non-contact alignment technique would be highly desirable for future generations of large, high-resolution(More)
Flue gases from semiconductor process, per-fluorinated compounds (PFCs) and hydrofluorinated compounds (HFCs) such as NF/sub 3/, CF/sub 4/, C/sub 2/F/sub 6/, CHF/sub 3/ and SF/sub 6/, are being regulated internationally because their gases cause green effect and have more than 5,000 times GWP (Global Warming Potential) in comparison of CO/sub 2/. PFCs are(More)
Flue gases from the semiconductor process, SF/sub 6/, NF/sub 3/, perfluorocarbons (PFCs) such as CF/sub 4/ and C/sub 2/F/sub 6/, and hydrofluorocarbons such as CHF/sub 3/ are being regulated internationally because their gases have extremely large global warming potential in comparison to CO/sub 2/, and they have a long lifetime. PFCs are used for wafer(More)
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