Shuichi Nakano

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Intracellular delivery of synthetic oligopeptides has the potential to promote the occurrence of various cellular events such as cell death, proliferation, growth inhibition, metabolic changes, and morphological changes. However, the regulation of cellular differentiation by intracellular delivery of synthetic oligopeptides has been little studied. Von(More)
A novel anionic fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon hybrid surfactant (SS-Hyb-Na+) with a disulfide group has been synthesized from 11-bromo-1-undecanal and perfluorohexylethyl iodide via three steps. The Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) transfer of the 1:100 (mol/mol) mixed monolayer of SS-Hyb-Na+ and stearyl alcohol (C18OH) formed on an aqueous solution containing a cationic(More)
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