Shuichi Nakagawa

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BACKGROUND A self-administered questionnaire on dietary habits used in the JACC Study contained a 40-item food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). Although more than 110 thousand subjects enrolled in JACC Study and responded to the FFQ, no validation study has been conducted to date. METHODS Eighty-five volunteers among the cohort members completed 2 FFQs(More)
Amyloidosis is characterized by extracellular deposition of abnormal insoluble fibrils, which cause structural and functional disorders. Amyloidosis is classified into systemic and localized amyloidosis. Localized amyloidosis in individual organs is uncommon. We report a rare case of localized form of primary amyloidosis of the urinary bladder. A(More)
AIM To evaluate epidemiologically the association between measured prostate volume and sex hormones. METHODS Between December 2012 and September 2014, 226 patients attending the urological clinic were assessed for the relationship between prostate volume (PV) and, serum sex hormones, physical size, personal habits, etc. Prostate volume was measured by(More)
The data of sexually transmitted urethritis in males have been collected at 24 institutes in Kyoto Prefecture since October, 2002. The data collected from January to December in 2004 are summarized herein. A total of 1,275 patients were diagnosed with urethritis during this period. Microbiological examinations isolated Neisseria gonorrhoeae alone in 368(More)
In the present series of trials, Adriamycin (ADM) intravesical instillation therapy was found to be effective against tumors of papillary morphology measuring <10 mm in diameter that were of low pathological stage and low histological grade. The rate of complete disappearance increased in proportion to the concentration of ADM and the duration of retention(More)
Our AFC regimen was originally developed to treat superficial bladder tumors. It consists of a daily intravesical administration of 20 mg Adriamycin (ADM) and 200 mg Cytosine arabinoside (CA) dissolved in 20 ml of sterilized distilled water, simultaneously with a daily rectal suppository of 750 mg tegafur (Futraful) for a total of 20 applications. Our study(More)
The clinical results obtained in 81 cases of bladder tumor are used as a basis for discussion of factors influencing the effect of bladder instillation therapy. The following conclusions are derived: 1) If bladder instillation therapy aims only at complete remission (CR), tumors over 1 cm in diameter should be excluded, because this is the theoretical size(More)
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