Shuichi Itoh

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[9] F. O'Sullivan, " A study of least squares and maximum likelihood for image reconstruction in positron emission tomography, " Ann. Corrections for accidental coincidences and attenuation in maximum-likelihood image reconstruction for positron emission tomography, " IEEE Trans. smoothed EM algorithm to indirect estimation problems, with particular(More)
For finite energy 7-band continuous signal f (t) , t f E L 2 (R) and suppf(w) = [-7,-y], the classical Shannon Sampling Theorem gave the following reconstruction formula, where f (w) is the Fourier transform of f (t) defined by f (w) = J, f(t)e-* " *dt. Unfortunately it is not appropriate for non-band-limited signals. However if we let y = 2 m ~ , m € 2 ,(More)
We propose a method of predicting the number of requests for video titles in an on-demand video delivery system considering their time dependency. To handle many heterogeneous video requests in a video streaming delivery network system using video servers, it is effective to introduce video caching systems in the network system. For the cache system design(More)