Shuichi Akasaka

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A new technology for the production of transparent material using a "crystalline" polymer is proposed in the present study. Further, transparent and flexible crystalline polymer nanohybrid film containing well-dispersed nanodiamond filler was fabricated. Partially fluorinated crystalline polymer with switchboard-type lamellae results in high transparency as(More)
The role of organo-modifying molecular chains in the formation of molecular films of organo-modified nanodiamond is discussed herein based on interfacial chemical particle integration of organo-modified nanodiamond having a particle size of 5 nm. The surface of nanodiamond is known to be covered with a nanolayer of adsorbed water. This water nanolayer was(More)
The formation behavior of organized organo-modified nanodiamond films and polymer nanocomposites has been investigated using nanodiamonds of several different particle sizes and outermost-surface compositions. The nanodiamond particle sizes used in this study were 3 and 5 nm, and the outermost surface contained -OH and/or -COOH groups. The nanodiamond was(More)
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