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This paper proposes a new driver support system which assists driver's operation in an obstacle avoidance scene. The proposed system has actuator systems which are Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Direct Yaw-moment Control (DYC). The obstacle is detected as a differential feature value by using a microwave radar instead of a camera. Cooperative control is(More)
1. We developed an isolated spinal cell preparation from adult bullfrogs. 2. The average resting membrane potential was -60 mV, and an action potential was activated by positive current injection. 3. The cells retained their tetrodotoxin-sensitive Na+ channels and at least two kinetically different types of K+ channel. 4. Under K(+)-free conditions,(More)
— The purpose of this work is to enable risk-limiting electricity dispatch through a market mechanism. There has been a solid body of work on centralized risk-limiting dispatch, which guarantees that the risk of energy shortage is within a user-specified bound. The current trading mechanism of a day-ahead electricity market can be viewed as a market that(More)
The objective of our study is to build a precise model by applying the technique of system identification for the model-based control of a nonlinear robot arm, taking joint-elasticity into consideration. This paper proposes a systematic identification method, called " decoupling identification " , for a serial two-link robot arm with elastic joints caused(More)
— This paper is concerned with the risk-limiting operation of electric power grids with stochastic uncertainties due to, for example, demand and integration of renewable generation. The main contribution is incorporating auto-regressive-moving-average (ARMA) type prediction models for the underlying uncertainties into chance-constrained, finite-horizon(More)