Shuib Bin Basri

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Presently, software systems are becoming an important module of businesses in the world. Most of the organizations are adopting Global Software Development (GSD), and it is continuously getting faster. Organizations are trying to distribute their work worldwide. However, distributed software development is not an easy task and the organizations face(More)
Majority of the software production companies are adopting Global Software Development (GSD) and it is incessantly getting fast. Most of Software development organizations are trying to globalize their study worldwide in order to get the various benefits. However, GSD is not a simple task and the organizations face different challenges. But Communication is(More)
A wide gap in knowledge currently exists as to what constitutes Cybercrime money laundering and terrorism financing behaviour - in the virtual environments. Until now, no detailed behaviour maps, rule bases or models have been designed which describe and validate what money laundering and terrorism financing in virtual environments might look like if they(More)
Electronic government (e-government) organizations seek to increase their efficiency by improving their electronic services (e-services) taking advantage of the rapid advances in technology. Quality of service is imperative issue for successful e-government project. Improving the e-government service quality can result in increasing the user's acceptance(More)
Electronic Procurement (E-procurement) has been recognized as a competitive source to improve the service of delivery and reduce the cost of goods. However, the successful implementation of E-procurement is uncertain among procurement executive due to non organizational e-readiness. This paper presents an organizational e-readiness model that significantly(More)
E-procurement is becoming a source in supply chain among organizations to improve the service of delivery and reduce cost. However, not every organization has been successful in E-procurement implementation due to non technological readiness assessment at micro level. To address this, we have proposed a research model of technology readiness for(More)
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