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The nearest goal of ShanghaiGrid is to going to connect all supercomputers in this metropolis together to form a sharing environment for massive storage and grid computing. The first stage projects of ShanghaiGrid comprise four sub-projects, including 1) research on environment, protocols and standards of information gird infrastructure; 2) development of(More)
Activation of IκB kinase β (IKK-β) and nuclear factor (NF)-κB signaling contributes to cancer pathogenesis and inflammatory disease; therefore, the IKK-β-NF-κB signaling pathway is a potential therapeutic target. Current drug design strategies focus on blocking NF-κB signaling by binding to specific cysteine residues on IKK-β. However, mutations in IKK-β(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a method for analysis of eight kinds of monosaccharides using high performance anion exchange chromatography. METHODS Amino PAC PA-10 (2 x 250 mm) column with a pulse amperometric detector with an Au working electrode and an Ag/AgCl reference electrode was applied to determine the monosaccharides. RESULTS The linear range was(More)
The goal of the ShanghaiGrid is to provide information services to the people. It aims to construct a metropolitan-area information service infrastructure and establish an open standard for widespread upper-layer applications from both communities and the government. This paper introduces the Information Service Grid Toolkit in detail.
Immunohistochemical streptavidin biotin-peroxidase complex method was used to investigate the effect of gamma-interferon (IFN-gamma) on the hepatic granuloma formation and liver fibrosis in mice infected with Taenia saginata in Duyun area of Guizhou Province. The results reveal contrary relation between the level of IFN-gamma in the liver and the degree of(More)
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