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Cyber Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Grids
In order to build a reliable smart grid, an overview of relevant cyber security and privacy issues is presented and several potential research fields are discussed at the end of this paper.
Optimal and Direct-Current Vector Control of Direct-Driven PMSG Wind Turbines
With the advances of power electronic technology, direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) have increasingly drawn the interest of wind turbine manufacturers. At the present
Study of battery modeling using mathematical and circuit oriented approaches
  • Shuhui Li, Bao Ke
  • Engineering
    IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting
  • 24 July 2011
Energy storage improves the efficiency and reliability of the electric utility system. The most common device used for storing electrical energy is batteries. To investigate power converter-based
Training Recurrent Neural Networks With the Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm for Optimal Control of a Grid-Connected Converter
The results show that the combination of the LM and FATT algorithms trains RNNs better than the conventional backpropagation through time algorithm and indicates the feasibility of using an RNN to approximate optimal control in practical applications.
Wind power prediction using recurrent multilayer perceptron neural networks
  • Shuhui Li
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting…
  • 13 July 2003
The RMLP network solution for the power prediction is demonstrated, and it is shown that the RMLPs can be used to predict the wind power in changing wind conditions.
Control of DFIG Wind Turbine With Direct-Current Vector Control Configuration
The doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine is a variable speed wind turbine widely used in the modern wind power industry. At present, commercial DFIG wind turbines primarily make use of
Optimal Microgrid Control and Power-Flow Study With Different Bidding Policies by Using PowerWorld Simulator
This paper analyzes the typical MG market policies and investigates how these policies can be converted in such a way that one can use commercial power system software for MG power market study.
Using neural networks to estimate wind turbine power generation
This paper uses data collected at Central and South West Services Fort Davis wind farm (USA) to develop a neural network based prediction of power produced by each turbine. The power generated by
Control of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters With LCL Filters Using Recurrent Neural Network and Conventional Control Methods
Single-phase grid-connected inverters are widely used to connect small-scale distributed renewable resources to the grid. However, unlike a three-phase system, control for a single-phase inverter is