Shuhui Chang

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With the rapid development of Internet, cybercrime by means of Internet become serious. Mining their communication can be used to discover some latent criminal activities. Social network analysis is used for understanding their social communication status. But promulgating information on Internet is free. Criminals can hide in any corner by anonymity or(More)
As so far, most of the information on the internet are designed for computer display, which can achieve the desired effect at 800*600 or higher resolution, but the normal TV’s resolution is much lower, so the web page looks abnormally on TV. Furthermore, it also can’t be browsed by phone and PDAs as PC does. Based on the analysis of the display principles(More)
This paper introduces an algorithm based on Bayesian statistics and statistical decision tree (SDT) to recognize illegal E-mails. At first, Bayesian statistics can filter some specific words which are often used in illegal E-mails. Then, SDT can determine illegal E-mails by Semanteme analyse. After those two process, the illegal E-mails can also be easily(More)
The identification of the body motion for video images with computer visual technology is analyzing and dealing with the video or sequence of images. It can detect the human motion target, extract the motion characteristics in order to understanding the movement and identifying the person. This paper has introduced a new algorithm for the extraction and(More)
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