Shuhua Liu

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A good knowledge and understanding of the business environment is a basic premise for strategic management. A system that is able to help managers actively scan the environment will contribute to active executive support. This paper examines the relevance of the intelligent software agent approach in environmental scanning activities and exploits ways that(More)
Learning in multi-agent environments constitutes a research and application area whose importance is broadly acknowledged in artificial intelligence. There is a rapidly growing body of literature on multi-agent learning. In this paper, the multi-agent learning methods in an uncertain environment are addressed. The presented methods are not exhaustive, but(More)
BACKGROUND Acceleration of skin regeneration is still an unsolved problem in the clinical treatment of patients suffering from deep burns and scalds. Although erythropoietin (EPO) has a protective role in a wide range of organs and cells during ischemia and after trauma, it has been recently discovered that EPO is not tissue-protective in the common β(More)
Detailed research is carried out to ascertain the inhibitory effect of waste glass powder (WGP) on alkali-silica reaction (ASR) expansion induced by waste glass aggregate in this paper. The alkali reactivity of waste glass aggregate is examined by two methods in accordance with the China Test Code SL352-2006. The potential of WGP to control the ASR(More)