Shuhua Lai

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A new method for constructing a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface (CCSS) that interpolates the vertices of a given mesh with arbitrary topology is presented. The new method handles both open and closed meshes. Normals or derivatives specified at any vertices of the mesh (which can actually be anywhere) can also be interpolated. The construction process is(More)
A new method for constructing interpolating Loop subdivision surfaces is presented. The new method is an extension of the progressive interpolation technique for B-splines. Given a triangular mesh M , the idea is to iteratively upgrade the vertices of M to generate a new control mesh M such that limit surface of M would interpolate M. It can be shown that(More)
Privacy preservation is a major concern in the mean, sum, variance, etc. They may not work well in keeping application of data mining techniques to counterterrorism and the performance of data mining algorithms like classification homeland security. Data distortion is a critical component to and clustering. It is shown in [16] that the SVD and sparsified(More)
This sketch presents a novel approach for rendering low resolution point clouds with multiple high resolution textures--the type of data commonly generated by real-time vision systems. The low precision, noisy, and sometimes incomplete nature of such data sets is not suitable for existing point-based rendering techniques that are designed to work with high(More)
A voxelization technique and its applications for objects with arbitrary topology are presented. It converts a free-form object from its continuous geometric representation into a set of voxels that best approximates the geometry of the object. Unlike traditional 3D scan-conversion based methods, our voxelization method is performed by recursively(More)